Tuesday 19th of July 2022 - 9pm

Rimini, Chiostro della Chiesa di S. Giuliano Martire 

Free entry on reservation at +39  331 426 561 Voci nel Montefeltro

SUOR ANGELICA & GIANNI SCHICCHI 4ª operas in 1 act by Giovacchino Forzano
Music by Giacomo Puccini

Suor Angelica
 is the third part of the Trittico along with Il Tabarro and Gianni Schicchi. For seven years Sister Angelica, from an aristocratic family, has forcibly embraced the monastic life. When she finally receives the first visit from her princess aunt after seven years, the cause of this enforced enclosure is understood and the serenity of monastic life will be disrupted … 

- Characters : 

Suor Angelica                      
Danielle Cyr, Savannah Scott
La zia Principessa              
Avery Winick, Jiuxian Wu
La Badessa                          
Mia Kopera, Kamryn Wheeler
La Suora Zelatrice              
Madison Jackson, Rebecca Matte
La Maestra delle novizie    
Claire McCarthy
Suor Genovieffa                  
Amanda Ballinger, Alysa Foster
Suor Osmina                      
Ana Pao Vergara
Suor Dolcina                      
Sirena Vela, Margot Cora Hall
La Suora infermiera            
Gentry Wessman
Le Cercatrici                      
 Emily Sipes, Giovanna Mercurio, Xiaomeng Chen, Madison DeWater
Le novizie                            
Jayda Ennis, Rhiannon OBrien
Le converse                        
Sarah Faragon, Evangelina Gaspero, Jayne Matzelle, Hailey Morgan

Gianni Schicchi
is Puccini's sole comic opera with a libretto and is based on an episode from Canto XXX of Dante's Inferno. It is part of the Trittico along with Il Tabarro and Suor Angelica. Among the relatives who have rushed to vigil Buoso Donati, who has recently died, doubt arises that he has bequeathed everything to the friars. Thus opens the hunt for the testament, which confirms all previous fears. Young Rinuccio, Buoso's nephew and in love with Lauretta, proposes to turn to her father, Gianni Schicchi, famous for his cunning ...

- Characters : 

Gianni Schicchi                
 Henrique Carvalho, Stephen Cunningham
Madison Fitzpatrick, Calista Smith
Ryan Nash, Will Upham
Avery Winick, Mary Wright
Kevin Arratia Diaz
Audrey Christensen, Amanda Scholz
Lifan Deng, Karl Boatright 
Kevin Victor Paton-Cole, Jackson Pierzina 
Colin Ring, Brandon Smith
La Ciesca                            
Daryn Nowlin, Kamryn Wheeler
Maestro Spinelloccio        
Ayden Crocker
Ser Amantio di Nicolao    
Daryn Nowlin
Casey Lyons
Shir Beals
Colin Ring, Brandon Smith

Pianist and concertmaster :
Jeffrey Price

Director :
Robert Breault 

Scenes :
Jillian Eddy

Costumes :
Audrey Hamilton

Lights :
David Navalinski

Technical director :
Steven Waggoner

Scene director :
Jai Auzenne

Tailoring director :
Eileen Thoma

tools technician :
Hannah Gilbert

Costumes assistant :
Dory Scott, Kerry Whitton

Production assistants :
Jayden Dudley, Marita Gattone, Taylynn Rushton

Tecnique assistants :
Hanna Bartnicki, Bem Niemczyk, Grey Rung

Production coordinator :
Emilio Casillas