Tuesday 11th of July 2023 ⤳ 9:00 p.m.

Novafeltria, Teatro Sociale 

Free entry on reservation: Voci nel Montefeltro cell: 331 426 9561 - email:

IL TRIONFO DELL'ONORE 1ª Comic Opera in 3 acts by Antonio Scarlatti 

Book by Francesco Antonio Tullio

The story takes place in Pisa and its countryside in the 17th century. After seducing and abandoning Leonora, Riccardo goes with Rodimarte Bombarda to the house of Flaminio, his uncle, who, although engaged to Cornelia, does not disdain courting the maid Rosina...

Concertmaster and Pianist                Sara Chiesa
Director                                                Bruce Garnett
Costumes                                            Audrey Hamilton
Scenes                                                 Tom Burch
Lights                                                   David Navalinski

- Characters: 

Flaminio Castravacca      Douglas Culclasure, Marcus Tranquilli
Cornelia Buffacci             Grace Savoy, Isabel Yang
Leonora Dorini                 Erika Carper, Anna O'Drowsky 
Doralice Rossetti             Messíana Halla Kristinsdóttir, Joliet Shuff, Giovanna Mercurio (cover), Riley Musi (understudy)
Riccardo Albenori           Jourdan Elterman, Claire O’Shaughnessy, Zyion Stephens (cover)
Erminio Dorini                 Jaedyn Heil, TBA
Rosina Caruccia              Maeve Sullivan, Yue Zhang 
Capitan Rodimarte          K.C. Boatright, William Scarrow, Konnor Chase

Technical director:                    Liz Haynes
Scene director:                         Bruce Garnett, Vandy Scoates
Tailoring director:                     Audrey Hamilton 
Tools technician:                      Hannah Gilbert, Kerry Witten
Costume assistant:                  Sylvie Lefebvre, Zara Palmer 
Production assistant:             Anja Kondratow, Kathryn Robinson, MB Connolley
Technique assistant:                Quinn Vanischak
Production coordinator:           CJ Sneath