Thursday 12th of July 2023 ⤳ 9:00 p.m.

Novafeltria, Teatro Sociale
Co-production with La Musica Lirica USA - General Director Brygida Bziukiewicz Kulig
Free entry on reservation: Voci nel Montefeltro cell: + 39 331 426 9561 - email:

DON GIOVANNI 2ª Dramma Giocoso in 2 acts by Lorenzo Da Ponte 

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Don Giovanni is a noble knight with an unbridled passion for women; in order to conquer them, he resorts to any means, including deceit and lies. In his exploits he also involves his servant Leporello, who is now accustomed to his master's follies...

Concertmaster and Director              Pietro Billi 
Director                                                David Ronis
Costumes                                            Audrey Hamilton
Scenes                                                 Tom Burch
Lights                                                   David Navalinski

- Characters: 

Don Giovanni               Daniel Emmons, Patrick McNally, Ethan Wagner (cover), Gabriel La Salette Menendez (cover) 
Leporello                      Auggie Ahn, Áslákur Ingvarsson, William Scarrow (understudy)
Il Commendatore         K.C. Boatright, Stephen Cunningham, Konnor Chase (understudy)
Donna Anna                 Tamara Beliy, Sophia Masullo, Mariah Schaumberg (understudy) 
Don Ottavio                  Óskar Bjartmarsson, Cutter Burnett, Owen Purcell (cover)
Donna Elvira                Catherine Lupien, Ally Randolph, Jaedyn Heil (cover) 
Masetto                         Michael Chiaverini, Mark Dovgalyuk, Alexander Kondratow (cover)
Zerlina                           Jessica Clayton, Sofia Nicole Farrell, Taylor Burns (cover), Xinran Du (cover), Jayda Ennis (cover),      
                                      Dana McAdam (understudy)

Orchestra Città di Ravenna 

Coro La Musica Lirica-USA

Soprani/Mezzosoprani: Alyssa Bonfardeci, Tamara Beliy, Taylor Burns, Olivia Charlebois-Brandvold, Jessica Clayton, Alexandra Lexy Bowers Xinran Du, Jaedyn Heil, Olivia Kesler, Summer Ketchell, Catherine Lupien, Sophia Masullo, Dana McAdam, Ally Randolph, Aimee Ryan, Mariah Schaumberg, Sasha Southwick, Zyion Stephens, Olivia Vituccio, Jayda Ennis, Sofia Nicole Farrell, Rachel Hiatt
Tenori: Óskar Bjartmarsson, Cutter Burnett, Owen Purcell
Baritoni/bassi: Auggie Ahn, Michael Chiaverini, Mark Dovgalyuk, Daniel Emmons, Caleb Froats, Áslákur Ingvarsson, Alexander Kondratow, William Scarrow, Ethan Wagner 

M° collaborator and pianist:    Jason Carson 
Technical director:                    Liz Haynes
Scene director:                          Kathryn Robinson
Tailoring director:                     Audrey Hamilton 
Tools technician:                      Hannah Gilbert, Kerry Witten
Costume assistant:                   Sylvie Lefebvre, Zara Palmer 
Production assistant:               Anja Kondratow, Kathryn Robinson, Madeline DeWater
Technique assistant:                Quinn Vanischak
Production coordinator:           CJ Sneath