Score practice (Coaching)

Legato, phrasing, expressiveness and style under the lens of Italian phonetics 

The study of the score has a very articulate and vast scope: intonation, rhythm, legato, musical and poetic metrics, vocality, word articulation, melody, homogeneity of vocal registers, harmony, the world of recitative, phrasing, expressiveness, embellishments, changes, vocal tightness, poetics, poetry, dramaturgy, style...
To this must be added the personal poetics and sensibility of each singer as well as the history of vocality and interpretation.
Each coaching, considering the author's intentions inescapable, can become a passionate search for the balance point between the singer's vocal and expressive possibilities with all these components.
Our intention is that every coaching should contain at least one success and that every singer should be enhanced and stimulated with joy.

Lecturers: Ubaldo Fabbri, Donatella Dorsi, Alexey Yakimov, Piero Corradino Giovannini, Mirca Rosciani, Carolina Benedettini

Course open year-round