Italian courses are divided into modules to suit the level and needs of each student. 

Teacher : Ilaria Ciccioni - Prof. Ilaria Ciccioni, now that she is a certified teacher on the Italki platform, gives the opportunity to start/continue studying Italian for Belcanto even from home with online lessons.
This is the address to reach her on the platform:
Other teachers : Pieralberto Valli, Denise Toni, Rosaria Pradarelli, Chiara Fabrizio

Our Italian courses, both individual and in groups, are taught by highly qualified teachers and are designed to develop all the skills required by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (written and oral comprehension, written and oral production).

Upon arrival at the Academy, we advise students to take a short test, which will enable us to choose the most suitable course level. Students who wish to take an individual course may request an interview with the teacher and determine with him or her the level best suited to their needs, as well as the course content itself. 

All of our courses have a minimum duration of 5 days.

Students who attend a course for a minimum of 4 weeks (60 hours of Italian for group courses, 40 hours of individual lessons) may be admitted to a final test and obtain a certificate (issued by the CENTRO E.D.A. in Rimini Nord) attesting to the level they have reached. 

Students who have not reached the hours required for admission to the test will still be issued a certificate of attendance from the Academy.

GROUP MODULE - for foreign singing students

The group course allows students to come into contact with people of different nationalities and cultures; it is an opportunity for exchange and growth. The presence of other students is a great stimulus to learning and encourages Italian!

Metastasio course  - Standard Italian Course

Our group courses have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 students.
The minimum duration of a group course is 5 days.
The course, which can be organized in the morning or afternoon, includes 3 hours of daily lessons, taught by two teachers who will alternate as follows:
90 minutes of grammar structures (development of written comprehension and production skills) - teacher 1
90 minutes of conversation (development of oral comprehension and production skills) - teacher 2
Group courses are organized for students of any level.

If there are no other students of the same level and it is not possible to organize a group course, the Management will provide the student with an equal number of individual lessons. 

INDIVIDUAL MODULES - for foreign singing students

The individual course makes it possible to establish with the teacher a personal course of study, to be implemented at a time best suited to further the student's learning.
The minimum duration of an individual course is 5 days (10 hours) 

Boito Model - Standard individual course

2 hours/day (morning or afternoon) to be conducted with a single teacher. Individual courses can be combined with phonetics and diction courses.

SPECIAL MODULES - for non-singing foreign students

The experience gained over the years in teaching opera singers has enabled us to develop a specific course in phonetics and diction that will enable you to greatly improve your pronunciation in Italian. 

Using the techniques adopted by professional Belcanto singers and following the simple but very useful suggestions of our teachers, you will be able to learn how to pronounce the sounds of Italian to the best of your ability. 

Whether you have to order a coffee at the bar or pass an Italian exam at university, no one will ask you to repeat anymore because they didn't understand because of your bad pronunciation. 

Taught by experienced teachers, the course can be organized either for groups or on an individual basis.