Masterclasses on "Italian Phonetics for Belcanto"


Masterclass held by Professor Ubaldo Fabbri - Novafeltria Social Theater

Masterclasses on From Monday, June 20,  to Wednesday, June 23, at the Teatro Sociale of Novafeltria, Maestro Ubaldo Fabbri gave one of his Masterclasses on "Italian Phonetics for Belcanto," a system developed by the professor and successfully applied for more than twenty years on thousands of students around the world. 

The method uses the capillary analytical ability of phonetics in synergy with the principles of belcanto, to be able to make words intelligible while singing, to achieve correct phrasing and facilitate the beauty of sound and expressiveness.

The masterclass is an alternation of theory and practice, in which the Maestro expounds the principles that the students immediately apply on the scores they are studying.

This moment is fruitful for the whole class, as everyone can hear the improvements in their pronunciation and phrasing, which in many cases immediately becomes elegant and fluid.